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Investing in a Doula pt.2

What does a doula add to my pregnancy and birth journery?

I hate travelling on my  own.  Especially going somewhere I haven’t gone before. I feel vulnerable and quite often stupid.  Feeling I should know things I don’t know.  And then getting lost on top of that? On my own, in a strange city or country?  Continue reading

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Investing in a doula

Why should I pay for a doula?

So let’s just jump right into it.  Doulas are professionals.  It is becoming more and more common for doulas to get qualified and certified by accredited training facilities.  This means that we invest time and money into this career, and that we also have the right to ask a fair price, just like any other profession.

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Doula support


It is important to understand that a doula is NOT a trained medical professional, and does not replace your midwife or provider.  Instead, as they aren’t held up by the medical side of things, the doula can provide uninterrupted emotional support to you, your partner and your family.

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