Birth Photography

What is Birth photography?

It's not what you think! No, really!  I think it should be called Birth Story Photography, because that is what it actually is.  It is the entire story of the birth.  It captures the moments where mom get's to close her eyes and relax between contractions.  The partner bringing her a cup of tea for energy and hydration.  A stolen kiss and a meaningful embrace.  It captures the first moment that the baby enters this world and everything that goes with that - a supportive medical team, tears, joy, pain.  And it captures the first moments of the parents with their baby.  The first cry, the first kiss, the pure beauty of a newborn in the arms of their mom for the first time.   And so much more.

Madi the Birth Photographer in Rotterdam

I understand birth and I understand people. And to me this is the key to capturing the beauty of your story.  I have the ability to be both there for you, and invisible at the same time, giving you the space and calmness that you need.  I understand that it is not just the day that your baby is being born, but also the day that a new parent is being born, and I want to give you photos and memories that can be passed down for generations to come. 

Birth photographer with camera smiling for a photo during golden hour