What is a Doula?

A doula is a trained, non-medical, professional who offers emotional and practical support to pregnant women and new moms. Their goal is to assist parents during this challenging, but exciting time of their lives. A large responsibility of the doula is to support the specific needs of the mom-to-be, and finding ways to cater to those needs in a positive and healthy way.

Do I Need a Doula?

Doulas do not take away from partners, family members, or medical professionals. They offer additional assistance, working on creating the best possible pregnancy and birthing journey for moms and their partners.

A few ways in which a doula can offer support:

  • Developing a birth preference list.
  • Facilitating breathing exercises and teaching other relaxation techniques.
  • Being present for the labour period: Providing physical and emotional support.
  • Assisting mothers and their birthing partners.
  • Offering post-partum support, e.g. assisting with breastfeeding and bonding, running errands and organising the nursery.
  • Assisting with childcare while the mother heals.

Why I Became a Doula:

My doula journey originated from my love for holistic health and connecting with people. I have always been passionate about human biology, and the various ways we can achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle. When I first heard about doulas, I was amazed by the role that they play: Being a supportive character in this natural process of another person's life. To me, this is beautiful. Being able to combine my love for human connection with my journey in human life sciences is an absolute blessing.

Doula Madi:

Being pregnant and giving birth is a magical and intimate occasion, but it could also be daunting and pose challenges.  I am here to make this period of your life as beautiful and easy as possible.  To help you disconnect from all the noise of the outside world, and focus on you and your body. I build a non-judgmental atmosphere where you can freely discuss your needs and concerns. The focus is on listening to you, and to provide you with the best possible advice and set up a realistic plan within those needs.

Our bodies are so amazing, and as women, we already have all the strength we need within us. I am here to bring light to those strengths and give a helping hand where it is needed. I am your supporting character in this amazing adventure you are about to embark on.