What is lifestyle photography?

A lifestyle photographer aims to capture real life event and milestones in a creative way. Lifestyle photography is a type of photography where you steal a moment.  You show a slice out of the life of those in front of your camera.  A lifestyle shoot can either be done at a family's home, or any natural setting where the family feels comfortable.  In short, a lifestyle photographer tells a story.

Madi the Motherhood Photographer

I do my shoots as I do life, laid back, comfortable, fun.  My goal is to capture the real moments in a photograph, showing the connections between your family as you experience them in everyday life.  My main focus is Motherhood shoots. I strongly believe that should always celebrate womanhood, and our beauty and uniqueness. Even more so if we are bringing new life into this world.  Becoming a mom is not something that happens very often for most of us, and therefor I find it even more special to be able to capture this time  of a woman's life through my lifestyle photography.