Birth Photography Packages

My Birth Photography Packages

Meraki Madi offers 3 different birth photography packages.  Regardless of which package you choose, you will have the memories of your birth, to treasure and share with your baby. 


All prices include VAT. All prices are in Euros.

More pages can be added to albums at an extra cost.

The intake call is free, with no string attached.

Birth Shoot


Free intake call

30 to 45 minute call at around week 35 of pregnancy

On standby 24/7 from 38 weeks

At least 75 edited, digital photos

Photos are delivered via a professional online gallery

Luxurious album 20x 20 with 15 pages

Sneak peek within 48 hours

In person delivery of photo album 2 weeks after birth

Includes travel and parking cost

The Journey Package

Capture every moment of your journey


Includes a Maternity Shoot

Includes everything from the Birth Shoot

Includes a Newborn Shoot

*An option to include photos from all 3 shoots in the Album

The Litha

Everything in the Journey Package, plus my full Doula support package


Introductory meeting

Maternity Shoot 
1 hour shoot between 30 and 36 weeks of pregnancy

4 prenatal visits
These session are between 90 minutes and 2 hours.  They include looking at the physiology of birth, writing a birth preference list, discussing different pain relief options, different types of interventions, natural and medical induction options, labour and birth positions, preparing for postpartum, how your partner can support you during labour, birth and postpartum, and a lot more.

In-person support during labour and birth

Use of TENS machine

1 postpartum visit within a week or two after birth

Newborn Shoot 
90 minute shoot within the first few weeks after birth

At least 75 edited, digital photos

Luxurious album 20x20 with 15 pages

24 hour phone and text support from week 38

Phone, text, email and online support from the time of the first meeting until 6 weeks post partum

*An option to include photos from all 3 shoots in the Album

* Google maps will be used to determine the shortest distance between two locations.