About me


I'm Madi. Founder and creator of Meraki Madi.

I love coffee dates, fairy tales, cuddling with my cat (if she allows it), and living a life of creativity and love.

Meraki Madi was created from a need to reconnect - with myself and also with others. I had a desire to delve into what it really means to be happy.  Truly happy: With myself, my health, and my circumstances. And sharing this happiness with others.

So, here is what I (re)discovered about myself:

I've always been creative, I get that from my family.  A grandma that painted portraits, the other one making her own porcelain dolls and fluffy teddy bears.  A grandpa that always wanted to take photos with one of his many cameras.  A mom that designs and makes dresses and a brother and sister that always has a camera in close reach.  

My love for Human Biology started during my university days.  Learning about how our bodies are put together and how everything inside us is connected.  My love for Women's Health came a bit later, in my late 20s, when I realised that my entire life was being determined by my hormones.  My energy levels, my emotions, my cycle - everything has a hormonal undertone.  And I had the key to that, if I educated myself on how to use it.


So, Meraki Madi is a composite of all that: A doula journey, a creative passions, and creating space and opportunity to be there for others.

This is me. Attempting to live my fullest, most beautiful life through all the good times and the bad times. Connecting, creating, and focussing more on the things that I love.