About me


I'm Madi. Founder and creator of Meraki Madi.

I love coffee dates, fairy tales, cuddling with my cat (if she allows it), and living a life of creativity and love.

Meraki Madi was created from a need to reconnect. I had a desire to delve into what it really means to be happy. Truly happy: With ourselves, our health, and our circumstances. I wanted to reconnect with people and my surroundings and find a way to fulfill my deep desire for helping others, while also fostering both my creative side and interest in human biology and health.

Meraki Madi is a composite of all that: My doula journey, my creative passions, and creating opportunities to be there for others.

This is me. Attempting to live my fullest, most beautiful life through all the good times and the bad times. Connecting, creating, and focussing more on the things that I love.