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Coffee and Crochet


Although I am told that it is now Spring in the Netherlands,  I still find myself curled up under the duvet or dressed in layers most days.  Only one of the many things I need to get used to as a South African visiting the Netherlands – the weather.

Coffee is a cup of hope in a world full of chaos and Mondays


So, I packed for spring but I’m experiencing what I would call a South African winter.  Luckily I have some time on my hands and I recently learned how to crochet.  So I did what anyone in my situation would do – decided to crochet a shawl for myself.  I found 2 Yarn shops in Utrecht on google maps and went out exploring.  I ended up buying some Navy yarn from Sticks and Cups  (card only, no cash).  The cold hit me as I left the shop and I was happy to see a coffee bar just a few steps away where I could get a take away coffee for my walk home. De Koek Fabriek did not disappoint, and I returned for a sit down coffee a few days later.  Friendly staff, quirky design, and the best part – you can choose out of a selection of more than 10 cookies and mini muffins to have with your drink order.


Koek fabriek

De Koek fabriek koffie bar collage

Indside the Koek Fabriek
Quaint and cosy – perfect to just sit down, crochet, and watch the world go by.


crochet and coffee


Side note • I’m almost half-way with my shawl and quite happy with it.  I also feel that I have to mention that for the last 2 days the temperature was in the high 20’s, and will continue being this high for the next few days – Murphy’s law.  But according to the weather forecast I’ll have a chance to wear my shawl after all –  if I finish it in the week to come…

Me Crocheting B&W

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